The distance of life

Distance, also false and real. Ten years ago, I thought we were destined to meet, you exist in my past, present and future, and we will go on forever.

But then, across more than two thousand kilometers between us, I met many new friends in the new city wedding event management, but no one like you to pay all the good to me, from now on you only exist in my phone.

Gradually, we lost contact, I was disappointed with myself... Meet, and know more people, I can not lift my passion is to treat them, because I know a few years later, everyone will get separated because of dream, distance so, later day we will have much contact?

I seldom talk about the past with others, and seldom agree about the future with others. I also tell myself, don't always miss the past, don't want to be long, the years can not look back, those who missed people and you are like two lines, have missed the intersection point. Even if I meet again, I can't guarantee that I will be as polite to her as I was when I first met. It's time to let things go, not like some people are trying to save or escape...

The distance is like a sieve backstage rental, the person who is sift can only accompany you to this, the future years and they have nothing to do with, and the people who leave will accompany you to the end.

Spend less time and mood to retain the former, spend more time and enthusiasm to deal with the latter. I believe in the hearts of people, I really you! The occasional distance is to draw the distance between people. You need to be rational and not to be defeated.

Life, the most difficult to shorten sage accounting, is the distance between the heart and the heart, such distance cannot be measured by the length. It seems like two people who know each other are separated from each other by a glass barrier. And I don't know how to deal with this kind of people...

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