Don't let your happiness depreciate

More than 2,000 years ago, Pericles, an Athenian politician, warned the world that we were too obsessed with small things, dear friends.

"We often lose our minds over trifles, and count our ways. We live for only a few decades. It is easy to see how much color life will lose if we become obsessed with trivialities.

In life, the rapid pace of life makes us tense nerve, we are often led by the emotions of the nose,Wine Education  when things are made a fuss, it is important, a long time in mind. But have you ever thought that one's view of things greatly affects his gains and losses? Don't let the small things go against you, let your own happiness. You inadvertently discount it.

A woman drove to a gas station in a small town and inadvertently drove to a service pump. She didn't realize that there was a service charge for human services, and when she paid for it she found that it cost 50 cents more per gallon.

When the husband learned of the incident, he quickly calculated that the gas station charged them seven dollars more, and the same amount would give the car an extra 12 miles if she filled it at the self-serve pump. "The extra service charge is like robbery," he said angrily.

Because of this little thing, Adrian Cheng the couple is depressed all day long.

When the old man knew what had happened, he smiled at the angry young couple and said, "what silly children! You know what? Only seven dollars, bought away your happy day!" The words came as a clear inspiration to the couple.

"We don't realize how cheap our happiness is," says the husband. "if we don't stop getting angry right away, our happiness will continue to lose value."

When you're angry about something, when you're angry and you're upset about something, take a quarter of an hour and ask yourself if it's worth it. What do you want?

One day, a father was teaching his five-year-old son how to use a lawnmower.

The father teaches carefully, but the clever son learns very carefully. While they were working hard, Brushless DC Motor the telephone rang, and my father went in to answer it.

The little boy learned to cut his own grass like his father.

Carelessly, the child pushed the lawnmower into his father's favorite tulip garden, and the poor seedling broke a piece.

The child was dumbfounded on the spot. Just then, the father came out and saw the garden, his face was green with anger.

The wife who happened to be passing by saw this, and said softly to her husband, "now, my dear, our greatest happiness is to have children, not tulips!" Father listened to his anger.

When your anger is going to be hard to contain, we may ask ourselves: did I plant flowers to get angry? Did I go to work to worry? Am I making friends for a fight? In this way, I won't be obsessed with such meaningless idleness.

The wisdom of life lies in that no matter what happens that makes you angry at the moment, you can still clearly understand what you want and what you should treasure most. Is a potted flower, a garden, or a kind of happiness, an emotion. In this way, your life will become fresh and bright, happy and rich.

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