Leave an accompanying footprint, never leave

Wind, sound; The smoke of distant clouds is ever winding; Distant mountain, so hung in the sky, with a hazy, but also with the weight of the years, into my dream. Not far away, the roses, swaying with rain, seemed easy, but with a few drops of blood, were still stumbling in the wind. Those petals, gradually carved down years of nostalgia chiller system design. In this moment, those falling red became romantic, constantly infiltrating my thoughts, constantly shaking the years inside attachment, and my feelings, constantly become peaceful, leaving the years in the euphemism, also left the days inside the circle missing.

Memory, do not know when it began to ripple the ripples; And you have been in my heart. Want to let all things to become calm, but the heart still can not bear your deep attachment. The roses were shaking, and in the wind and rain, they kept crying, either because they were tired, or because they felt tired from their persistence. However, they are still some persistence, still some commitment Ultra V Lift, in the continuous watching time staggered. This is the rose in the wind and rain, is also my taste, there is your figure, and the feeling in my heart, on the white paper began to condense, leaving a period cut.

The clarity of the water, left behind years inside the flat and gloomy. Never thought to give up, just in the heart of the blurred, in the constant left years inside the willful. The rain drops are falling, maybe to the end of the world. There are not many words, but have experienced the rain smoke; We so with hope, so left years of fragrance, in the ups and downs of the situation, like water slowly flowing. The clouds in the sky are constantly long, just like the kind of light lovesickness between us, constantly wandering. I do not know when you stood in my heart; I reach out my hand to shatter your image, to shatter my hesitation, to mingle it with the fragrance of the earth and the sentiment of the rain, and to reshape one you, one me; From now on, you have me and I have you.

It is not the loneliness of two hearts, nor the silence of two hearts, but the river of emotion, singing a joyous song. The intermittent rain drops, so fell in the heart, so have exquisite, left sweet. Always feel be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, always feel the heart of ten million, always feel is so not confident, always want to have doubt; But the bottom of my heart knows, I have some pride master of orthopaedics hong kong, because you, let my heart filled with memories.

My life is destined to have you, your emotions have been filled in my heart. It is like a dream, weaving a layer of haze, stepping on the proud into the heart. You and I did not hold flowers, but those fog like a white wedding dress, you are so scattered with long hair, looking at the wind in the rain; I walked aimlessly, with fear in my heart, and speculation, and walked slowly forward, experiencing the bleak in the wind and rain, also experienced many helplessness, more experienced a lot of wandering, came to the crossroads, and unexpectedly met with you.

Had been missed, but you inadvertently turned back, let this moment of beauty, left an infinite charm. Perhaps, this is the temptation of red dust; Perhaps, this is the fate of the clinging. There is not much commitment, you can see time in the blink of an eye. You are so in my heart, constantly cruise; And I, so began to sleep tired, so spoony look at you, so began to unfold years of blurred. You, I, fusion together, can see the years of memories, in the slow infiltration of the days, in the continuous update of the days, under the picture accompanying footprints, never abandon.

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