The soul of jiuzhaigou

There are countless articles written by jiuzhai, the songs sung by jiuzhai are sweet, the paintings painted by jiuzhai are countless, and the pictures taken by jiuzhai are beyond compare. So what is jiuzhai? How did jiuzhai form? How did the people of jiuzhai live? What is the purpose of the wooden trestle? In fact, although all of these can be found on baidu, I know little about them before I travel to jiuzhai. After repeated questions from the guide md senses aqua peel, I know how ignorant and ignorant I am. But what I really want to know is where the ghost of jiuzhai is.

In her "jiuzhai"? Nine stockade nine bending, look from outside, thousands of years ago due to wind erosion calcified crust movement formed unique alpine lakes, BaoLiu and choi Lin; From the inside, it is a masterpiece carefully guarded and never abandoned by nine Tibetan mountaineers with their incomparable faith in nature and eternal fear. The bad weather did not defeat them, the hard conditions did not frighten them, the outside temptation did not take them. What did "magic luck" get for it? It should be self-evident.

On her walkway? The 70 km wooden trestle is the unique scenery of jiuzhai. High-quality imported timber, huge investment and construction, environmental protection concept planning, anti-skid and anti-fall humanistic feelings, walking on the piers Hydro Peel, steady and solid, not a bit of emotional appeal!

In her water? "Huangshan return not to see the mountain, jiuzhai return not to see the water," the artistic conception, as if in its water, its water is wonderful and strange, clear and bright, but also changeable: light green, emerald green, deep green, dark green, olive olive olive olive, emerald green The haizi - grass sea, namely, the panda sea, five flowers, mirror sea, tigers, sparks sea, sea and reed, double longhai, trees are group of the sea, rhino, long beach and beach flow, waterfall - pearl beach, bonsai beach and waterfalls, jian zhuhai falls on the long, and pearl beach waterfall, waterfall, trees, waterfalls, stream flowing leaves, green and blue of the sea, beach, waterfall splash noise, deduce the jiuzhai water colorful, spectacular, guanghua beautiful!

In jiuzhai, January and February, flying snow drifts down like a flower, which is warm in the cool and refreshing, and has vitality in the bleak, after several times of rendering, the green sea of agarwood is wanton white and full of blue. On the mountain slope in yushu qionghua, be dressed in white, west valleys between green water, fold BaoLiu fai, as if the world HaoBai elegant ink. Majestic ice waterfall, by the steep rock wall hanging from a huge natural ice sculpture, strange and colorful, crystal clear, inspiring imagination There are also those huge ice pillars and ice hockey, ice hanging and ice curtain, with the dazzling ice crystal world, the gentle and peaceful snow world and the beautiful blue and clear water environment hair styling class, together with the holy winter charm.

In her colorful snowy peaks? The colors of the seasons are like the clothes of jiuzhai: the freshness of spring, the heat of summer, the brilliance of autumn and the simplicity of winter. More like a woman general rich charm: the girl's purity, the young woman's coquettish, the noble woman's elegance, the old woman's indifference. It is not hard to imagine what jiuzhai would look like without cailin xuefeng.

In her cloud? In the morning and evening, the clouds wreathed in smoke and cloud, and the colorful forest cloud peak of the mountain stream, adding more mysterious and fairyland to the magical jiuzhai village, adding a few more wonderful and wonderful colors

Where is her soul? It's not something you can really explore three or five times. Maybe only generations of mountain people can tell you exactly. It is in every corner of the landscape, every waterfall, every sea, every plank, every forest, every Tibetan.

From jiuzhai, you are excited and excited. Walking into jiuzhai, you are surprised and shocked. When thinking about jiuzhai, you are full of emotion and admiration. Deep in nine villages, you are awed and burning with love

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