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Oh, come to think of it, heart is the most beautiful thing in life.

I remember the make-up class in the third year of junior high school. There was a handsome boy sitting behind me. He had a simple light shirt and a black cap on his back.

Although I forgot what he looked like, I would happily wear different little skirts to find a seat beside him at that time. I only remembered that the sun was warm in the afternoon, my eyes were aching after staring for a long time, the air was sleepy, and the wind was still.

Although did not take up the words is also very regrettable, but so long suddenly remembered, really is simple and substantial happiness, that sour and awkward sweetness is really the meaning of a large part of life.

To tell you the truth, I'm the kind of person who likes good-looking guys

Indeed, different times coincidence or sudden four eyes relative, always floating in the illusion of a thin cool and romantic, just like the sky and looted the dynamic floating light, finely cut in soot is ephemeral taste all the time, I think people life live in all eight desolate loneliness, that little petard are endless lingering, even in the dark, almost frozen darkness, then compression, compression, into a wine heart chocolate, remove a layer of beautiful tinfoil, chocolate is bitter, the wine is strong.

But I can't avoid the spreading, secret ecstasy that I felt when I got it.

Like is not fake, but everlasting like lets a person fear. They all say that love is restraint, but I would rather burn myself, beeping in the rosy dusk, to embrace the night wind in all directions, like this, do not give any love for the honey and tenderness, simply grow warm.

I think I'd rather love the world, even if I don't dare to hug.

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Don't let your happiness depreciate
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