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Once again in my dream, I went back to my warm home. My father stood in the big yard of the old house and saw me running to me with great joy, but I burst into tears. I have a family and a career, but in the dream is that fragile. In my heart of hearts, my father was still the only mountain I could rely on. This kind of feelings, silent, as light as the wind can be long persistent to send out warm warmth.

Now the parents are old, the face has lost its former luster, wrinkles deep, waist bent, character has changed a lot. How many times have they tried to tell me what they want, but I have no patience for listening. The pressure of work makes me lose a lot, and they always leave quietly with regret. I only think about myself, but seldom think that my parents need my care and attention. Today, I reflect on my mistakes. I don't want to see the familiar phone number and the familiar and familiar voice one day, and regret it later.

Parents are very hard working, for us to pay many, many. I really haven't thanked my parents to their face. In fact, I have said this sentence ten million times in my heart: "I love you, dad! I love you, mom! Thank you for giving me life and unselfish work for my family.

I hope my confession will make my heart feel better and calmer.

When you work outside, you come home much less. Every time I returned from vacation, my parents insisted on seeing me to the station. It was another late autumn morning, and the golden leaves were falling in the wind. As we walked side by side, my father lightly brushed the leaves from my body. At this moment, my heart was full of sadness and I remembered Goethe's words: "today is the most beautiful day." My parents were very happy when I got home. Love, maybe is so simple!

When the car drove away, I looked out of the window at the high, low parents, two thin figures are still constantly waving to me, I do not know what will be their debt to compensate for it?

My eyes were wet, and I put my head into the seat to let the tears flow freely. Love is an indeterminate thing. Love can turn into clouds and never turn back. Friendship can go with the flow and cannot go far. Only this family is unchanged: that is, change is the blood that you hurt it, still do not change the parents for their children to sacrifice the original intention. This kind of emotion is so simple, let me life also benefit infinite. It allows me to lift my head and live happily in the face of every adversity and frustration!

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