Woman on a boat

I've been in Korea for a while, renting a small town in khatan not far from busan harbor. I live in the western suburb of town. There is a tuo tuo river nearby. Tuo tuo river is more than 100 meters wide, so narrow that the place is also dozens of meters. This article tuo tuo river, the river is very clear, the scenery is very beautiful, the winding coming from a distant mountain, in northwest almost dozens of waterway to gonggar jiang, gonggar jiang has been down is attached to the west sea of Korea.

Whenever I have free time, I always come to the river with fishing gear. Every time I harvest a lot hong kong apartments, I also spend a lot of boring time. Tuo tuo river has boats coming and going every day. You can always hear the steam turbine "pop" motor in the evening and dusk.

Today, just in time for a holiday on the dock, I could not believe I went to a bridge on tutuo river in the morning and looked out over the distant river and the blooming rape flowers. A boat was coming up the far river. From a distance, a woman stood on the bow of the ship. The blooming rape flowers on both sides of the river are quietly blooming charm, sending out a faint fragrance of flowers, this boat and the woman on the bow of the boat just formed a beautiful scene. About an arrow from the bridge where I stood, the woman in the bow waved her right hand three times up and down, and then the steam turbine blew three whines. The bow river to center on the past, obviously in surprised between ship to near me, on the bow of the woman wearing a short waist galoshes, pink sun-protective clothing, hair just hangs over the shoulder, handsome face, quiet looking at the distance, closer to the ship, at the moment I am gazing at, as if found that female has a look at me Sage CRM. Actually, I know she's looking at the height of the bridge. I am not for my curiosity, in the bottom of my heart ga smile. The boat passed quickly through the hole under my feet, leaving only the waves and ripples it had made.

I lost in thought for an instant, distant relatives of home is also running ship, met her when I was a child, a pair of twins, big and small red red married the run of the ship, met her for a chance to return, asked the ship. Those who go down to the river and sail are the most careful about rules. It is unlucky not to let other women stay on board, nor to like strange women to board the ship. The bowl of food is never straight up. Fish never turn over for fear that the boat will turn over.

It's hard on the boat. There aren't many fresh vegetables, fruits and meat. It's not convenient to wash and go to the toilet. The man who runs the boat reveres the bow and the stern. Wash vegetables in the bow, wash rice for cooking, pee in the stern, empty rubbish and wash clothes. It is said that this rule has been carried out to this day, which shows how hard and difficult it is for people who run boats.

The man on board was the sky of home, the rudder of the ship. The woman on the boat is a man's compass, navigation. A steam turbine boat is 30 or 40 meters long and 67 meters wide. When the cargo was full, the sides were almost parallel to the river, and the wind and waves could splash a little more water on the deck and the cabin bridal makeup course. But the women on board were free to go up the narrow side of the boat without any fear or fear. Whether it's windy, rainy, or hot, the woman on the boat will always stand in the bow of the ship to guide her man, sending a signal to turn the helm, day after day, year after year Whether in narrow rivers or wide rivers.

Suddenly, there was an unspeakable awe in my heart. Most of the women who run boats are swarthy, neither elegant nor romantic, nor amorous. However, she is not afraid of the river, the lake and the sea, the rapids and dangerous beaches. Not afraid of the ups and downs of life.

The woman in the mountains has many twists in her heart. The waters grow in the heart of the women who sail.

The boat went farther and farther away, and I still looked at it quietly and deeply touched my heart.

XXX one day, I ever mounted in tuo tuo river on a boat, to browse all the curious, there was a man and a woman and a cute little dog and a lying in swaddling bands of the sleeping child.

Men are bold and resolute, women are kind and friendly, and my arrival seems to make them forget the loneliness of sailing.

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