Happiness is a balance

One day at midnight, xiao ya was not at ease in his heart, and was lying in bed, meditating and healing himself. At this point, the phone rang and the screen showed xiao hong's name. She immediately got through to the phone, only to hear the call xiaohong with the cry of the command: "so-and-so bar, quick to accompany me!" Before xiaoya could respond, the phone was hung up.

Wise xiaoya realized the situation was not good, quickly changed his clothes, ready to drive to xiaohong. Ah cheng, the husband of xiao ya, who was lying on the sofa sulking, was more restless. No, I have to go with her tonight anyway... "Ah cheng thought in his heart and said," how can you keep teaching? You can go out whenever anyone calls you!

Xiaoya back pack, take the key to the car, while walking to a cheng said: "do not trust to go together, quick!" On the way, each of them had something on their minds, and they did not even bother to say a few words.

Go to the appointed bar, colorful lights twinkle, crazy male crazy female, you sing me dance, hu shout disorderly, really not lively..

Xiao ya's heart clench a while: "xiaohong has always been positive to go up the darling girl, tonight how come to this kind of ghost place suddenly?" It was not easy to find xiaohong in a corner, looking at her in front of a full of wine bottles, with a can in her hand she had never thought that the class was not elegant enough "brave the world".

It seems that her heart is really broken! Upon seeing xiaoya and her husband, xiao hong pointed to cheng and said, "will you follow her when she comes to me? Just tie her to your belt! Then he said to xiaoya, "why do you always worry about him? What the hell did you want to do with him... "

Stopped her embrace XiaoHong xiao ya, the accused, and then give her tears while ask, what happened tonight, XiaoHong sobbing, resentment with xiao ya: "when I was a foolish heart attack, you don't discourage me, always say good weihaobao; When I finally meet true love and want to live a day for myself, you say: 'women are born wronged, for the sake of innocent children, continue to insist! You always live without heart or lung, leaving all your pain to yourself, happy as an angel all day long. How can I not understand your pain when no one else knows it? In fact, women should be cosseted, not injured, you are willing to suffer to death, I do not want to be too wronged themselves, life, really not easy.. "

Listen XiaoHong truth, cheng like overturned cruet stand in his heart, he know XiaoHong and xiao ya is the best of friends, they all have received higher education, they are very good woman, XiaoHong graduated from school, live and work in various aspects have played very well, was once a lot of young men, in the end is that special woman will feel happy with sugar-coated cannonball hit lee, after dead to tie up lousy dozen each, the last two people in the hui family all the relatives and friends under the incomparably envy and jealousy of marry and have children, period, due to the narrow of hui and selfish often conflict, love close to death many times, Marriage for xiao ya efforts exhortation and XiaoHong kind and tenderhearted recovered, but the balance of life how to keep a balance is not easy, excellent XiaoHong often attracted numerous members of the opposite sex preference and courting, hui inferiority and abnormal condition is growing, so intensified, leads to infinite despair XiaoHong tonight. Xiaoya calm comfort xiaohong, xiaohong's tears are still in pain..

Ah cheng suddenly begin to understand, he thought his wife xiao ya more excellent than XiaoHong originally, she always pay attention to home and doing everything, thinking about the stupid as hui at ordinary times, give him the philosophical thinking about xiao ya say at ordinary times: "a woman should give enough men face, good men should know more women, women more excellent, men are more likely to cherish! The relationship between husband and wife, cultural level, ideological level and self - cultivation. Everything is important. Life is like a balance. To be happy, you must strive to balance it! Thinking of this, ah cheng suddenly realized, he said to xiaoya: "honey, I was wrong before, ah hui's work is all left to me to do it!"

Dawn has come, ah cheng has gone, xiaohong smiled, xiaoya is crying..

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