Keep the sun in your heart

Everyone may have a feeling in the heart, there is a song, in everyone's life through each spring, summer, autumn and winter may have a story, inadvertently look back, those in life brilliant smile, the gentle eyes, in the haze in life vicissitudes of life, has become a folded pieces of memory, luxuriantly green in tears and laughter.

We have to admit that this world is not perfect, the life has too many helpless, rapid pace of life, numbness of behavior, the value orientation of fickleness, constantly to heart in a thick layer of dust, let the past shining heart, it's hard to yi yi is unripe brightness.

People are not happy, not because they get less, but because they are too demanding. The art of living is to know how to enjoy a little, and endure a lot, even if there are a thousand reasons to cry, you will have a thousand reasons to laugh.

On the way to go, when you are tired tired tired, why don't you find a station agent, give heart a warm, give yourself a clear sky, light see spectacular scenery, with a single tea tea, lay a small poem, XunQu the stamp of the past, the wipes his feelings, a more persistent, in the quiet, quiet, recounting the deep time, romantic summer contract... In fact, life is a kind of tribulation, happiness or not, is in the state of mind, the heart is filled with sunshine, the years always xiangyang!

The heart has a flower, the four seasons fragrance; The heart plant a tree, four seasons spring Onions; The heart hides a thought, close to each other, warmth accompanies; The heart grows sunshine, time is easy, time is warm; Be quiet and do yourself, put that heart in the corner of your heart, not to disturb, shallow to see the red dust, so quietly banish a journey of landscape; Pillow the breeze, will a wisp of leisurely and pleasant to moored, let the heart in the smile easy, slowly go to simple, let the world with the sunshine, slowly go to warm.

Don't let the clouds get lost. Don't let the clouds catch your eye. Give the heart a ray of sunshine, let the sunshine in the heart, let love go with the mood, let the dream, fly freely...

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