Simplicity is wisdom

It's always clear how easy it is, yes, how easy it is. If I look at that cloud is just a cloud, see that day is just a day, then the water is only water, the fallen leaves are just the fallen leaves, then my life is so beautiful. Do not say that simple is a stupid generation of words, also do not say simple is helpless, in fact I know how simple and how deep, simple how difficult to achieve.
When I comb a dust in the road of life I damaged feathers, I have no sleep when listening to winter rain, I will say to yourself, is the rain, the rain days is only years, simple point is good, simple point is good. But I will think that the rain is the cry of time, the intersection is a daze turn, I am deeply ashamed of my drift, hate that simple step will not be able to go out.
Then I will shake, I will see the flowers frown on me, the past in the far direction I wave, I will be in the simple and complex.
How could I not know the man who had passed? I often envy fool the involuntary smile, how good they are, day much good to them, let them know that changes in temperature is not willing to let them think, they all laughed at me and laugh at us master of business administration hong kong, every day the busy intersection, they reach out to us, they are begging for money, or are they in alms to us. Smile to them, all of us laugh them, yes, they are poor, yes, we are poor in their eyes, so we laugh them, and they also laugh at us, but I know that they are always having the last laugh. They were poor, and they were poor, and they were rich, and hid all the fair injustices of the whole world in their laughter. Ashamed ah, they said we don't understand, we say they don't understand, happy ah, we couldn't communicate, one day the son finally cannot be defiled we go to the essence of pure, eventually there is a place with could not be neglected for the miracle of puzzling.
And I know that simplicity is good, and when my loving friends open their innocent eyes and ask me questions that I think about all day long, they are happy because they are simple. When I gush told them I thought the nature of things, when I saw their eyes dim, he said to me: "oh, is so ah, the original is not so easy as I think. Do you know that I really have the kind of happiness that dissolves people? No! I don't. I should be guilty. It may be understood that they can never go back to the simple time, they think the good things in the shadow of the time can no longer be brilliant. So I said to myself; What did you do? Are you going to scatter your questions to the happy ones? And then let them come together to taste this forbidden taste? Maybe I will say to them: you listen to what you want to hear, don't think about what is bad, forget it, I won't explain to you, you are right virtual office mongkok. Then I would suddenly end the conversation and say, "no, it's not good for you to listen." I have been realized and I communication is the communication with the decadent, is in the non-doer communication, so afraid of their words and actions affect others that had a simple life, and I know complex is not good.
Complex people know that complexity is bad. In fact, complexity is simple, just like light and shadow, there is simple place is hidden complex. And the sky gives us black eyes, let us in the dark night not clear thing is want us not to look at the complex. We can use our eyes to catch the bright light with our hearts, but it is better to sleep quietly in the dark. This is not all decadent, as if I have collected sunlight and darkness in a body is sad.
I know simple and precious. Don't put some things in the heart then go to pieces of pieces of analysis, not to anger as the fermentation of wine in the body for a long time, it's not that we don't know how to fight back but we don't want to embarrass yourself, but we gave the things that is not worth to reject - one of the most profound calm silence. It's not that we don't want to be proactive about what we're going to do, and when all of this is going to be impotent, at least we'll be able to choose to be clean, to leave those nagging problems that haunt us.
Simplicity is the dream of many people for a lifetime. The true intelligent person will not be like me, must get things to the end of the road and then in the negative sigh. The intelligent person will regard all the complexity as the simplest nature, natural winter to the next is the winter rain, is cold. Spring is here, spring flowers, is beautiful. They will turn everything into a sea of forlorn, and they will leave, and leave it Massage Cushion.
Simplicity is not infantile; simplicity is the best shield. It's the happiest of all. This kind of mentality includes others will also make themselves. Keep everything simple, then you are simple and clear. By simply communicating with others, you can discard many unnecessary worries to make accurate judgments. You can go your own way with less regard for others' eyes. The most handsome is actually simple. Simple right and wrong, simple love and being loved, simple worth and not worth. When everything is clear communication, each other can boil down to perhaps fame and fortune is not so important, and less important, people's comment is not so important, the most important thing is that you come easily, relieved, smiled, can do you want to do things. Simplicity is the best irony of being ignorant of what is really shallow and self-conscious.
To write simple, it is not a disgrace, that's great wisdom, favorite is the wind disease of the danger as light waves of white water rafting, by smile, smile again, the original have no wine I could have put their intoxicated.

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