When you hear the song

Secular secure, years static good, ordinary day, suffering the ordinary ordinary you, riding electric cars, through traffic on the street, the bustling crowd around you, is like a boat.
Suddenly, the front side of the road shops in the sound wave to the missing comrades-in-arms, song, this song is like waves, instantaneous over all the noise and vibration in your eardrum, poke your heart or, in the electric shock to your heart, you can't help to get around, stop and electric cars, follow the familiar melody, sing movingly...
You are full of passion, singing, singing, singing, Shouting at the top of your lungs, you are singing from the heart, from the soul, from the world, make the gods cry! A passer-by took the scene as a video and posted it online.
At first glance to see video of you in the street like the roar of passion, thought you spirit is a bit unusual, after knew from the comments that your identity, I was moved to tears in an instant collapse! I am like countless net friends, watched N times video still will be blood boiling, tears in the eyes!
It turns out you were a veteran who fought against the self-defense forces in 1979! You have been charged in the battle of the battlefield, the baptism of blood and fire! How many of you have fallen on the battlefield, never come back! No matter how many years have passed, the deep memory of your comrades is never far away!
So you encounter on the way the song may be usual for others a song, moments bums and the miss of your heart, your feelings of the tide, such as flash floods, your mood hard to endure it to follow the familiar melody, talking with their lives, with soul is calling! In particular, "when I lost my comrade in arms, it seemed as if the avalanche was rolling. My dear comrade, I can't see your big, kind face... "When you cry, you cry.
An old song by the roadside has struck a chord in your heart, and your dedication to the song has touched tens of thousands of mobile phone users. A lot of netizens filled with respect to guess and comment, said you must be a story of the old man, guess you sing this song must have thought of what?
You must be thinking of the passion burning years, the fused with ideal, faith and lifeblood of the youth, the fire of the battlefield, advance to the individual, that youth lovely face...
Listen again with tears, you face upwards long song, over you ZhuangHuai fierce appearance, again to the thirty fame to dust and ashes, long long time eventful days, cast a loving glance! Looking at the present, the mountains and rivers are magnificent, the national peaceful people, prosperous times prosperous, to you and the comrades in your song with the highest gratitude and respect!

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