Water passes or there is no escape

When I was a teenager, I lived in a small town in my hometown, and I always went swimming in the songxi river near the town. In the water, I seem to be a free fish. In the water, the summer river gave me the feeling of flying. Lying on my back on the river, sometimes I would think, looking at the white clouds hanging in the sky, and watching the birds in the sky with the envy of the birds with wings. Because at the beginning of the book of genesis, god sent his oracle, so that the bird had wings, and could fly like a god. Therefore, the bird has the blessing of god, the bird voice is beautiful, the body is light and beautiful. The bird flew high in the blue sky, like a free and free spirit, away from the darkness, the heat, the fetters of the earth, and it was like a cloud. So, when tagore wrote a poem in the thick of the bodhi leaves, the beautiful verse let a bird into the sky forever. "Stray birds" in the moon, stars, day and night, the rain, the breeze, fields, rivers, the earth, grass, flowers, birds and lightly over the tagore's head, gently told him some stories of god, fell from a bird's mouth is that oracle: "suffering is eternal." Just as drought and heat are eternal, so are the waters of the Ganges.
The rivers flow day and night, the fish in the river are they the other birds in the world? In Buddhism, there are brahman and man, the birds live between man and brahman, the fish live under the water, and people stand on the view of the fish. So, Buddha said, a fish and a bird's life is equal, an insect and a person's life is equal.
As a matter of fact, we human beings have been playing the role of dominate the world, and in the face of nature's infinite secret and can't resist the great power of god, the human is sometimes better to do. Instead, imagine a world of human beings, gods or buddhas, who are masters of all things, including nature.
So we have birds and fish, rivers and the sky, and we live in the meantime, listening to the songs of the birds, and watching the happiness of the fish. Rivers reflects another possibility, make water is divided into two very different parts of the world, is a sound and light, the other one is cold and dark, the sky gave us imagine space fully, the earth gives us a variety of reasons and evidence to imagine. Confucius said in the yishui river, "the deceased is like a man, not willing to give up day and night." Water, give us infinite imagination, we live and think, vast sea of people, finally strange to see this water boundless world.
According to zhuang zi, zhuangzi and huizi swim on the bridge of hao. Zhuang zi yue: "鯈 fish travel calmly, it is the joy of fish also." Hui zi said, "the children are not fish, and know the joy of fish?" Zhuang zi said, "my son is not me, and I know I don't know the joy of fish." Hui zi said, "I am not a son. Zi gu not fish also, son do not know fish of joy all!" Zhuang zi said, "please follow the book. I know what I know and ask me, and I know it.
The famous argument of hao liang made the happiness of fish become a famous philosophical debate. Finally, zhuangzi and hui zi argued with each other in a red face. And fish in the city of water, it may be curious to see two people of no interest it may swam away, leaving only circular heroine ripples behind, leaving only a mill have gone.
Always think, if a man can be a fish! A fish swimming in a river, like a bird flying in the sky, is poetic enough in itself. I imagined to be a stray birds of tagore it clings to the morning dew, toward the bodhi tree forest areas, through the wave surge up the Ganges, at the edge of the suffering burn corpse of cluster, it to cast a glance to the cry of the people mercy, white red and golden flowers in flames rising, like colorful butterflies, the body of the dead ashes, his last rays of light blue smoke into the sky, chasing a piece of white cloud.
The waves of the Ganges eventually hold the debris of the corpse dust, and the unburned firewood leaves some black memories on the stage. Everything is clean, water and fire give the answer. Than I saw in the color of that let the vultures eat between slice up broken, celestial burial seems to make our Chinese can't accept it. Fire contains everything, people come from the water world, and the result is in the fire world. When he came, he was wet and covered with fish, and the water and the womb were the first rivers. In a warm and safe place, a life sprouted like a seed and went through the process of fish and animals. In that world, people opened their eyes and saw the world of blood, chaos, darkness and warmth. At the end of the day, everything was quiet, and all the time and time had come to an abrupt end. Fire let everything become ash, glory and sad, greatness and slim, no matter how much you unwilling, answer is given a wisp of smoke, smoke is so blue and beautiful, ash is so similar, the wind blows, messy.
Of pamuk said: "my name is red," the when darkness swallowed in a city, black fluid immersed with each soul, clean or dirty, run, but it is fragile, and even fear the gleam of a match. The surface of steel has slipped through the cold of eternity, and darkness has made beauty far and far away. Like the bosphorus strait of the sea, on the edge of Istanbul, during the day, it how blue and beautiful, and at night, the lights of the city makes it an act of black domain, white birds on the dancing lights let darkness more mysterious. The waves were chasing the waves, the lines were chasing the lines, and the Windows of the glass, the roaring wind brought the damp smell of the night flood, the mottled light, and the world was again disordered and complex. At this point, a foreigner is easily swallowed by the undercurrent of the city, including her soul and body.
The waters of the songxi river gleamed in the midday sun, and the shade of the willow trees gave a narrow shade of shade and delight. On top of the river, the swirl of air swirls around the horizon. At that time, I lost in a paddy field, surrounded by boundless golden rice, waist-high rice swaying seems to make the roads around the all disappeared, all directions is meaningless. The sky is above my head. At this time, I will miss the joy of a bird, the sun ruthlessly illuminate me, let the skin slightly red, the excessive release of heat, let the body get into madness.
Song xiangxi tempting to appear in the not far away, a WeiCong blocking the way, the water in the river by the wind, the heroine in lian lian, moments like this, who will not hesitate to jump into the river, let your body was flooded. One can always be a bystander of fish, including such a rare moment of coolness. Once upon the shore, all was restored, and the heat and the immensity of the frenzy spread on the earth. This summer, you and I have no escape.

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