Thanks for the fate of blessing

A night wind sighs, did not expect this morning is magnificent sunny. Bright blue sky bright people, snoozing just revealing blush shame, the sky was inlaid by its light a thick bright red. Standing in front of the window journeying stare, it seems that they are integrated into the ascent of the sea of ​​clouds, with that day red slowly fly mood.
Admitted to addiction was her mother-in-law pulled back to reality. Last night, wonton wrappers wrapped in thin stuffing, my mother repeatedly reminded me to her son with a bowl more Sheng, as if I was the harsh landowner. I asked with a smile:. I can give you a bowl plus a Wai what he actually kicked me under the table I did not know the mother-in-law is still under stress, is afraid of her son enough to eat I think the world's mother is like this! No matter how many children grow up, still need to take care of everything.
I do not also repeatedly worry about miles away from the son of it. Son back more than ten days, and still keep in mind. He called at noon, his voice cheerful and clear serviced apartment Sheung Wan, just to inform the exam, the third grade, the state is rising, and the communication with the class teacher also a lot of smooth. Think of my tangle more than ten days ago, at the moment has been soothing.
That day, standing under the street light, watched him and his classmates farther and farther, and he had the hand holding the remaining temperature, his ear and his exhortation, farewell in my heart! In fact, I and he are used to get together, how many times he is so quietly disappear in my sight, perhaps, this is a manifestation of children grow up, I can not always hold their children in my arms.
That day was the dawn of leaving school, the town before sunrise quiet serene, dim light shining with shallow snow, the winter charm enveloped a few slightest solemn. Sitting in a taxi, ears like a sister told the home, went straight to the station. Once again, all the care was pulled raw sore. Mercedes-Benz train all the way, miss was pulled more and more long.
Nankai University myob accounting, a hundred years of history of famous universities, the son studied here for two years, but resolutely chose to drop out, repeat. People can not understand children, but can not accept that I actually accepted the child's decision. In admiration for the courage of the child warrior broken wrist, I was more regretful than my original approach. Now I just wake up, college is a child, parents can not impose their own will on the child, not arbitrarily for the child to call the shots. Otherwise it will be like me, watching the children in the dislikes of all kinds of professional torment all kinds of tangled, but they are powerless.
My son loved history because of his career. From the day of his choice of liberal arts, I was contesting with him until I agreed to no longer choose history major, but when he applied for other major , My father and I once again rejected his delineation of the law and Chinese profession, and for him to choose a relatively easy to find a small job, did not expect the advent of admission, a look at Russian major, the son was very upset, the original right University know too little, do not know can transfer to school and tune professional, he had to bite the bullet to report, although one off off Kekeke semester, but he is still not half interest, by the sophomore year master degree hong kong, the professional class tired of learning emotion Obviously, professional teachers anxious for him, he began to confused decadent Nankai linked section is: as long as you hang subjects, make up the exam and the next student, even if you make up the exam clearance, but last year's discipline is still cumulative, up to two No certificate after eleven. Son began to lose confidence, after repeated consideration, he decided to drop out of school.
Parents are good for their children, but in the end what is really good for him, really worth discussing. As a mother, I witnessed my son's struggles over the past two years and finally realized how foolish I was. I experienced so many that I finally realized that the child's path was his own choice. I agreed to give him a chance to re-visit , After the road to life to let him go; also give me a chance to look back to that happy, sunshine, confident son!
Should be thankful for the fate of blessing, let the children met so many good teachers, whether it is primary, secondary or university, each stage has so many people to help him. Looking back on his son's growth experience, Nankai's experience is his Waterloo, but will make his life greatly affected. Repeated six months, his academic performance is on the rise. From the moment he submitted his application for withdrawal, entering Nankai became his goal. However, he also made good preparations for defeat, and I can only silently pray and wish. There are more than 160 days from the college entrance examination, no one knows what will happen, as long as the hard work, the result must be accepted. But I believe that the spring that belongs to him is bound to come.

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