The fragrant days of wild vegetables

In the early spring of that year, my wife was pregnant and I walked her around the fields in my hometown. The light rays of the sun were shining, and the wind was blowing from the far mountains, and the curved green stone pavement was clean, and the empty fields were green and trampled, like a soft carpet.
However, shining like stars yellow-bright infusion attracted us, dark earth closely with the gucaihua wilt Withers, the blossom in them, the size of broken rice grow into the green leaf violin the shape into radially around the blossom all around, like tightly on the land of spring, woven into a pale yellow fog creates in the field, and strikingly abnormal to amuse us, burst, the bitter in the sweet, with the taste of the spring fragrance poured on the tip of the tongue.
We knelt down, picked carefully with our fingers, and then shook off the mud at the root. Soon we had a whole bunch of them. The wife was in a quandary. What would you like to do with this pile of cauliflower? We smiled at each other, and in the end, my wife looked at me in a new woollen dress with a shy mouth and a long look. "Take off! In my body of temperature, the MAO suit was unsuspected to be a parcel of cauliflower.
For many years, this situation has been warm in my heart. Looking at the busy wife, looking at the thriving son, my home in the spring, the wild and wild vegetables are like a rush to my heart.
In the fields of early spring, in addition to the bitter cauliflower (also called yellow flower in our hometown), the corner of the land is filled with malan, fruit and wild onion... . On the thick grass, malan low stretch its dark green leaves, at dusk, let the children learn to five together, carry with bamboo weaving baskets, with scissors into their world, soon have a basketful of harvest, in the clear water wash away the dust and mud into mother's hands, or bowel, steaming or powder, after the smoke from kitchen chimneys, for more than a simple peasant table delicacies.
And bitter herbs, malan together the field of vegetable and fruit flowers (I don't know its name, has been in the call name of childhood), branches and leaves exhibition such as petals, covered in hair as white as snow, remove wash dried save and stay to do marriage wedding or the tomb-sweeping day ancestor worship in big use. With boiling water, and half of the powder, glutinous rice early m after cooking cooked, knead into glutinous rice dough, knead into the thin paper, put the stuffing into the pressure, will the skin gently fold, pinched into fine ornamental design, become the head pointed two full of art in the middle. The filling is in accordance with family reserve and each individual's taste is mixed and thousands of flavor, the streamer is brilliant. Steamed, a bite open, full of incense, a long aftertaste, a full burp of shutai, often after half a day has the aftertaste. Until now, I think of these scenes, I can't help but spill out of my mouth. At this time, the short and sweet wild Chinese food is often kneaded into the filling of the qingming fruit, and it is also kneaded into the dreamland.
Do qingming fruit, also can use the home everywhere yes mugwort peel the raw material, make the color of the green light green light, a light YaoXiang, taste not as gentle light, fruit flowers made people with stomach trouble not too orientation.
Arrival once the waking of insects, spring thunder rumbling, spring rain tightly floats, plus ChunYang warm, wet country is different, as if hidden in the fertile land woke up with all of the elves, breathe moist air, the strong will lurk a winter to pole of energy, and came into the nature of lively promenading stage.
You see, the first clear mountain in the rain, just unearthed the ferns are everywhere, a suit of white hairs, baby miraculously pinches keenly the fist, once to bend over, you will feel eye was attracted by these lovely little creatures, a tree is attached to a tree, one after another, applauded the micro rings make you can drink, until your pocket full of, your waist ache, wind up, the light cover madadayo smoke from kitchen chimneys, you longly to seek the path of the home.
You see, the underside of the mountain, the emerald green water parsley, the water fern swaying in the gutter of the bine soup. In the small, small bamboo forest, the small bamboo shoots quietly roof open the tip of the small head, and then gently greet the little friends sleeping in the soil, together to welcome the sunshine after the rain; The dried bamboo stubble root is red hat yellow body color bright bamboo fungus, rotten tree trunks often have tender mushrooms. In the face of such a dynamic world, you can't stop beating heart, so you do not hesitate to let rain dew to wet the clothes, do not hesitate to let the thorn to break the hands and feet, a head into such a wonderful world.
In casual between, you can see by the roadside green cedar trees branches, in the dark green with pink cordate houttuynia, wearing a blouse fresh roses, white honeysuckle hung on vines unfurled. If you are more careful, you will find the grass of the land after the thunderstorm, and the stone ear that is quietly attached to the rock... . All spring, it was the big gathering of the wild food in my hometown, and countless delicious and delicious tramping of the seasonal rhythm came to us, and it became a beautiful fragrant and fragrant picture of the wild vegetable, and spread out in front of us.
In the concrete forest of the city for a long time, the narrow and depressed mood often haunts the quiet mind. My appreciation to god give me a village delight in childhood, I was able to freely since childhood feeling nature of various body throb rhythm of life, which I am proud to feel, my childhood because of the ornament of the mountain potherb much fuller than urban people's childhood, crazy, restless, a variety of scenarios, let a person eternal life does not forget. Whenever I meet the cuckoo sound of the term, meet the ChuJi gorgeous rainbow after the rain, I miss my eyes will gently past time base into hallmarks of mountains, vibrant fields in my hometown, carefully to find the earth has the little eyes.
Wild vegetables for me, not just blindly delicacies on the table, it is actually my linked to land a long silk thread, on that slice of lands of wild vegetables grow vigorously, buried the ancestors work and sweat, also have traditionally difficult hope we enjoying potherb aromatic flavor, also can't help to chew the flesh torn and cultural contexts of accumulation in the depths of life, so many wonderful memories, and once in a very long while can't yourself.
I was growing up in a tree on the home field potherb, though it is now transplanting in the city of small ceramic pot, but I know that my roots are still structured the home ground, because this form of dirt, I have never had a moment in my hometown from points, I also believe that until the glebe's old, and I will be the ma potherb and calm to return to the hometown.

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