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It has been less than two years since 27-year-old Yang Xiaozi, agraduate of the London College of Fashion, won an InternationalTalent Support award sponsored by Swarovski, and thereafterfounded her jewelry line Octavia Yang. But her jewelry, inspired by traditional Chinese culture, tiffany tag necklace has alreadymade its mark, being a favorite choice in fashion magazines andoften seen adorning the necks and wrists of local and internationalfashionistas. Her best known collection, Joinery in Jewels, was inspired bytraditional Chinese carpentry, in which pieces are joined togetherwithout nails or glue. For the collection, she replaced the wood withsilver and Swarovski crystal with the help of modern techniqueslike laser cutting, 3D printing and silverwork so that each jewelrypiece can be restructured.
The exhibits at the World Jewelry Facets, including necklaces andearrings, tell "a more feminine story", as the designer put it. The collection, named kou, theChinese word for button, refers to the first button that secures the front of the traditional Chinesedress, or qipao, "the symbolic last line of defense for a woman".
"Ladies wear qipao far less often nowadays. But I still love the idea that behind the kou, lies herinnermost secrets and curvy silhouette," says Yang.
Style tips from Yang: "Be colorful. There is always a color in the jewelry pieces that will go withyour look. Jewels especially highlight the all-black look."
Shopping information: Yang's collection will soon be available at Shanghai's Ooak at 124Taiyuan Road, Xuhui district

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